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Understanding Paid Clinical Research

What is Paid Clinical Research?

Paid clinical research involves participants receiving financial compensation for their time, effort, and any inconvenience associated with taking part in a study. These trials are a crucial part of medical advancements, aimed at exploring the safety, efficacy, and overall viability of new treatments, drugs, or medical devices.

Why Participate?

– Contribute to Science: Your participation helps advance medical knowledge and potentially brings new treatments to market.
– Compensation: Receive financial incentives for your time and commitment.
– Access to Cutting-Edge Treatments: Be among the first to try innovative therapies that are not yet available to the public.
– Comprehensive Medical Care: Gain access to quality medical care and ongoing monitoring by professionals at no cost.

WhatPeople Say

Things to Do Before Joining a Paid Research

Consult your healthcare provider for personalized guidance on participating in paid research studies. This ensures your choices align with your health objectives and you receive comprehensive advice, considering the latest medical research developments. This information complements, but does not replace, professional medical advice.

Once in our center, Ensure You:

Learn about the Trial:

● Find a reputable clinical research facility.
● Ask questions about the trial.
● Discuss the trial with your healthcare provider for personalized insights

Understand Your Participation:

● Review the informed consent document provided by the study team.
● Understand key details such as duration, required visits, medications, and medical procedures.

Learn about Potential Risks:

● The trial team is obligated to explain all potential risks, including minor inconveniences.

Provide Information:

● The research team will assess your information to determine your suitability for the study.


Join Our Referral Program

This program benefits not only you, and your referral but also the advancement of medical findings. Consider referring friends and family to take part in a clinical research study at Miami Clinical Research. If your referral qualifies for one of our clinical research studies, we’ll give you a reward.

To participate, simply refer someone who may be interested in joining a clinical research study. If your referral meets the eligibility criteria and enrolls in the study, you will receive a referral bonus.

Anyone can participate in the referral program, including patients, healthcare providers, and members of the community. There are no restrictions on who can make a referral.

You can refer anyone who might be interested in participating in clinical research studies and meets the study’s eligibility criteria. This includes friends, family members, colleagues, and acquaintances.

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